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Noxians by Penett

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League of legends

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now I might just be overdoing it a little

CE!Talon just wanted to appear tall for a single photo

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Personally I really like the idea of a Midnight Talon skin

Idk why but the outfit seems fitting for him, he just wears the hood on it up unlike Ahri who wears it down

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Officer Talon  & Varus

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I made a poll a while back on my Talon blog asking which Talon skin was everyone’s favorite. Naturally, Dragonblade won, so here he is~ I modified his outfit here and there to use my own personal design for him.

Also! This is available as a print on my shop. The print will come with a free chibi Dragonblade button that’s available only for a limited time, so snatch ‘em while you can.

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i want league of legends codes for las :C , i want varus <3 love him

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